The IMSyPP project is synergetic to other ongoing consortium activities:

The Slovenian research agency project FRENK (ARRS J7-8280) Resources, methods, and tools for the understanding, identification, and classification of various forms of socially unacceptable discourse in the information society.
The Flemish-Slovenian bilateral project LiLaH The linguistic landscape of hate speech on social media focuses on the linguistic specificities of hate speech in Flemish and Slovene.
In this EU-funded project (ISFP-2017-AG-CSEP), Textgain is developing a dashboard that performs detection of polarization for Dutch, English and Slovak. The detection pipelines are lexicon-based and rely on human-machine interaction for further refinement.
The EU-funded DeTACT (REC-RRAC-ONLINE-AG-2018), investigates the deployment of conversational agents in hot spots of polarization.
The local University of Cyprus funded project H.O.P.E. focused on off-line reactions to counter and alternative narratives, involving experimental psychology.
EU H2020 project EMBEDDIA (Grant agreement ID: 825153) Cross-Lingual Embeddings for Less-Represented Languages in European News Media.
Ongoing AGCOM’s initiatives concerning hate speech.